Frogs International
Environmental Management and Consultancy

Welcome to Frogs International.

We are an independent, niche orientated environmental management consultancy with a wealth of global experience; we have run environmental management projects in Africa (Nigeria, Gabon, Tanzania, Angola and Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), Asia (India, Indonesia, Kazakstan, Thailand), America (United States, Canada, Colombia), Europe (Russia) for the exploration and production of oil and gas. In addition, we have completed senior environmental (and HSE) management postings to the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our specialist services include general environmental management, impact assessment, environmental assurance of investment projects, environmental data management and environmental learning and development.

You can find an overview of our recent projects here.

Frogs International
Environmental Management and Consultancy

PO Box 96992
2509 JJ    Den Haag
(the Netherlands)

phone:  +31 70 326 8365
mobile: +31 6 2207 3021
skype:   maartensmies

Last updated on 23 June 2015